The MBOCWW Board

The MBOCWW Board

React JS, Node JS, TypeScript, PostgresSQL, Prisma ORM

Business Objective:

MBOCWW Board aims to launch a comprehensive Data Warehousing and Analytics platform. This system will facilitate trend analysis in project management and data collection, enhancing decision-making for efficient project onboarding. It will ensure seamless data integration across districts and offices in Maharashtra, utilizing custom forms defined by the Mantralaya.

Innovated Result:

We successfully delivered a multifaceted project comprising vital modules that formed the backbone of the entire workflow. These modules included Login, Home Page, Project Master, Data Collection Tool, Office Master, User Master, Role Master, District Master, and Division Master. An integral part of the project was the dynamic Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system, complete with a versatile permission matrix that could be tailored on an individual basis to meet the specific needs of both roles and users. This approach allowed for precise control and management of user access and permissions, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Elevated Outcome:

The outcomes achieved were diverse, spanning various dynamic modules and masters. The user interface (UI) was made dynamic to adapt to Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and permissions. The Project Master enabled the creation of dynamic milestones, complete with commenting options and timestamps, while automatic notifications were seamlessly mapped to project timelines. The Office Master facilitated multiple office mappings for users and single-user associations with multiple offices. Role Master functionalities included role assignment and user-role permission matrices. Data Collection featured the creation and distribution of survey forms, with real-time form filling tracking on the super admin dashboard. Lastly, the Division and District Master allowed for efficient management of district and division data, streamlining user-driven mapping.


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