React, React-Native, Python, MYSQL EasyPay

Business Objective:

To meet the dynamic needs of the food industry, we're introducing a revolutionary ordering platform. It integrates social media for food enthusiasts to share and discover culinary delights. Users can seamlessly order, track, and opt for delivery or takeaway, even from multiple restaurants, all in a single, convenient transaction.

Innovated Result:

The Slash Tech App was expertly crafted by our team, incorporating modules that cater to a dynamic range of functionalities: seamless onboarding, streamlined pick-up and dining options, engaging 'Surprise Me' and 'Slash It' features, comprehensive account management, and a bespoke influencer module. Alongside, it boasted robust data handling, content curation, category differentiation, and innovative ordering through text, email, and direct printing, culminating in a unique referral and commission system that distinguished the app in the marketplace.

Elevated Outcome:

Our team skillfully delivered the app that was tailored to enhance the food ordering experience with detailed customization options for every meal. The application's breadth spans individual preferences, offering a dashboard rich with restaurant choices, menus, and ratings. Outcomes included a seamless user interface, an intuitive ordering flow, efficient food tracking, and a novel food blogging feature. Users now enjoy a comprehensive experience, selecting meals from blog recommendations, trending categories, and tracking orders with ease, reflecting our IT expertise in creating adaptive, user-focused digital solutions.