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Pioneering Innovation and Leading the Way in India's Tech Revolution, Offering Cutting-Edge Solutions, Driving Growth, and Transforming Industries, Making Us the Go-To Choice for Forward-Looking Businesses and Establishing a Legacy of Excellence.

Our Mission

Empowering Innovation

At the Core of Our Endeavors Lies a Commitment to Fostering Groundbreaking Ideas and Nurturing Innovation. We Strive to be the Catalyst for Change, Propelling Individuals and Communities Towards a Future Brimming with Possibilities and Progress.

Our Mission

The Values that Weave Us Together

Our Values Drive Everything We Do - Discover What Sets Us Apart.

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We hold ourselves responsible for our actions and outcomes, ensuring transparency and trust within our organization and with our clients.

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Team Work

Collaboration is at the heart of our success. We embrace diverse perspectives, working cohesively to achieve shared goals.

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We foster a culture of creativity and forward-thinking, constantly seeking new ways to improve and adapt to an ever-changing world.

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Our commitment to delivering on promises sets us apart. We take action and turn plans into results, ensuring client satisfaction.

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Dedication is our driving force. We go the extra mile to exceed expectations, making our clients' goals our own.

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We're committed to continuous improvement, both personally and as an organization. Our journey of growth never stops, evolving with the needs of our clients and industry.

Leadership team at Upperthrust


Dive into the Stories of Our Inspiring Leaders Who Drive Innovation and Excellence. Learn About their Unique Journeys, Expertise, and the Passion that Fuels our Company's Forward Momentum. Join us in Celebrating the Minds Shaping Our Future.

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Sanjay Kataria

Sanjay, an accomplished leader with a visionary outlook, brings forth over 20 years of profound expertise in product engineering and consumer software across various platforms.

Rutul Sanghavi Photo
Rutul Sanghavi

Rutul, an ardent tech entrepreneur with a decade's experience, renowned for visionary leadership, engineers innovation, navigates tech's dynamic landscape strategically.

Nupur Sanghavi Photo
Nupur Sanghavi

Nupur, an adept professional with over a decade's diverse experience in operations  management. Engineers efficiency, innovates strategies, and navigates growth.


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Shailesh Bhor
Achin Jain Photo
Achin Jain

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