React, Three JS, Cannon JS, MediaPipe

Business Objective:

Launching a global AR gaming campaign for Bubbaloo, featuring innovative face detection technology. Players interact with AR filters, syncing their movements with the game to catch candies while dodging sharp objects. This immersive experience creatively engages users, enhancing Bubbaloo's brand visibility and customer interaction.

Innovated Result:

Leveraging advanced AR technology, we successfully integrated a 3D model of Bubbaloo bubble gum into an interactive game. Users delighted in navigating a virtual space, maneuvering their mouths to keep the gum afloat while avoiding obstacles and gathering candies, culminating in an engaging, score-boosting experience.

Elevated Outcome:

In pioneering augmented reality gaming, our development team achieved a significant breakthrough by enabling precise collision detection between virtual candies and the 3D object positioned on the user's mouth. This technical success significantly propelled the Goama gaming platform's capabilities, resulting in a highly successful campaign. The collaboration with Bubbaloo not only showcased the innovative potential of AR in gaming but also reinforced Goama's standing as a cutting-edge platform for immersive gaming experiences.

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