React Native, Node js, Mongo DB, Tenserflow JS, Py Tourch

Business Objective:

Introducing a breakthrough in pathology: a rapid test to assess kidney health in just 3 minutes. This efficient diagnostic tool significantly reduces patient wait times, offering quick and reliable kidney function analysis.

Result Innovated:

Results were determined based on the color of the user's test sample. This data was sent to our system, which utilized a machine learning model to analyze the color and provide users with a kidney health assessment. The results were displayed on a color meter, offering a clear and user-friendly representation of their kidney health status.

Outcome Elevated:

We undertook the training of a cutting-edge ML model, enabling it to accurately identify and auto-crop test sample images to extract precise color data. This innovation allowed users to receive their kidney health assessment within a mere 3 minutes. The result was presented through a color meter, providing a visual representation of their health status, accompanied by detailed health descriptions. This streamlined and efficient process not only delivered rapid results but also enhanced the user experience by offering valuable health insights in a user-friendly format.

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