Bombeo Volador

Bombeo Volador

React, Three JS, Cannon JS, MediaPipe

Business Objective:

Developing a global AR game for Bubbaloo's advertising campaign, using face detection and AR filters to sync player and game motions. Players navigate through a course of varying-sized vertical poles, collecting candies and avoiding obstacles, offering an engaging and interactive brand experience.

Innovated Result:

Utilizing AR face detection technology, we successfully positioned a 3D model of the Bubbaloo bird onto players' mouths, creating an immersive game where users navigated the avatar through a series of obstacles. Skillfully avoiding poles and collecting power-ups, players engaged in a uniquely interactive experience, scoring points in a captivating AR world.

Elevated Outcome:

In our second venture into augmented reality gaming, we innovated collision detection technology that identified interactions between a virtual bird, positioned via AR on the user's mouth, and oncoming vertical obstacles. This advancement played a crucial role in the widespread acclaim received by the Goama gaming platform. The game's success was marked not just by player engagement but also by technical prowess, significantly elevating the Bubbaloo brand. The campaign's performance on the Goama platform underscored the potential of AR in creating deeply engaging and interactive brand experiences.