Best option between Angular js, node js and react js

Hey, are you on your way to build your web application and getting confused?

If yes, then probably at that point most likely picking the privilege and best JavaScript system will be the hardest undertaking on your rundown presently. Regardless of whether to pick AngularJS or Node JS or React JS may be giving you restless evenings. There can be many reasons why developers choose frameworks regardless of their experience level.

Here is a comparison of the top 3 JavaScript Frameworks – AngularJS vs NodeJS vs ReactJS. Get set for your next JavaScript Development Project!

1.Angular JS:

Angular JS Launched in 2009 by Google, AngularJS is an open-source client-side web framework. It was expected to determine issues in making a single-page application looked at by precise engineers. With an enormous help local area, it has an extensibility include and can function admirably with a few libraries.

When considering AngularJS vs. NodeJS, it’s important to realize they are both about the same age. NodeJS is built around Chrome’s JavaScript engine, but it too was released in 2009.


Advantages of AngularJS:

  1. AngularJS has the plus point of using HTML for defining a web app’s user interface.
  2. Web app development is made flexible with the use of directives and filters.
  3. Unit testing in AngularJS is done by injecting mock data and then measuring the output.
  4. Easily testable framework
  5. Vast Angular libraries
  6. AngularJS is an excellent tool for learning developers as it offers a very flexible and customizable user interface that helps speed up development time and effort
  7. Marvelous UI design
  8. It provides strong template building solutions


Disadvantages of AngularJS:

  1. This version of JavaScript has performance issues; these issues related to the performance of the JS are due to the Data Object Model.
  2. Scopes are difficult to debug
  3. Third-party integration is very complex
  4. The learning curve is steep
  5. The final web-based application turns to slow down if factors such as videos or hyperlinks are tried to be embedded in them.


2.React JS

React JS is AngularJS library that is used for building interfaces. ReactJS is the most current of the three as it was delivered in 2013; in any case, it is protected to say that ReactJS is a greater amount of an open-source JavaScript library than a straightforward system. ReactJS was worked for a particular reason as its capacity is related to settling issues in the delivery of enormous datasets. React JS is mainly used to build a dynamic library with high performance. The example of using a dynamic framework is catering users to do multiple tasks at the same time, such as providing the news feeds while users are chatting. 


Advantages of React JS:


  1. ReactJS is more of an open-source JavaScript library rather than a framework. 
  2. ReactJS can be easily run on the server and then a virtual DOM will be rendered which will return to the browser as a web page. 
  3. Faster Update
  4. JS debugging is smooth
  5. It can display components in large amounts quickly and efficiently
  6. It covers both iOS and Android
  7. It provides support for both front-end and server-side
  8. It has an easy learning API and smooth interface designs 


Disadvantages Of React JS:

  1. It is not a framework and just a library
  2. Flux architectures
  3. The learning curve is steep
  4. It is tedious for website developers to develop the JavaScript extension syntax.
  5. With the constant release of new tools,


3.Node JS:

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform, runtime-based environment that executes JavaScript outside the scope of a web browser. Its main application is done for simplifying the development of complex allows developers to scale up applications in both a horizontal or vertical manner. . NodeJS lets web application developers build network applications that can grow quickly and easily.



1.Node.JS developers write server-side applications in JavaScript

2.Big files can be easily streamed

3.Node JS is simple to learn

4.NodeJS can act as a server-side proxy

5.Largely supported through input-output methods


Disadvantages Of Node JS

1.Not scalable because one CPU is not sufficient to take advantage of multiple tasks

2.It does not have a rich library

3.It follows an asynchronous programming approach rather than linear blocking I/O programming

4.Relational database issues

5.Nested callbacks



As we have come to an end for our discussion in choosing the best framework among the available options such as “Angular.js v/s React.js v/s Node.js” 

Picking the correct system particularly relies upon your necessities and wanted results. Every one of the three of the structures we’ve examined here performs well and is broadly utilized, so picking the correct one relies upon you and what you need to do. What is imperative to recollect are the contrasts between them. AngularJS, as a completely highlighted system, has the biggest client local area, while ReactJS is to a greater extent a library and is the freshest. NodeJS, paradoxically, allows you to make quick and adaptable systems administration applications.


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